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Luke & Jenny

Bishop Luke & Jenny Pretorius


Retired Bishop Martin Breytenbach


The Diocesan Office at 29 Devenish Street

The Diocesan Centre at 29 Devenish Street, Polokwane


Documentation on requirements for when churches re-open for congregational worship

Our churches are again closed for in-person worship. The following requirements from the previous prohibition on worship still applies for when we again resume worship.

The following documents provide the necessary guidelines in  English  SePedi  TshiVenda

The following are Appendix 1 in  English  SePedi  and  TshiVenda

The following are Appendix 2 in  English  SePedi  and  TshiVenda


South Africa is Under Lockdown - Spiritual Input from our Clergy

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Coronavirus - COVID-19

Please follow the link by clicking the heading above for an important communique from the Diocese concerning the Coronavirus outbreak - SARS-COV-2 and the resulting disease - COVID-19

This Link will take you to the Statement from the Chapter of the Diocese

A SePedi translation of this document can be found HERE


The Latest Ad Clerum

 Please click the heading above to see latest Ad Clerum

A SePedi translation of this document can be found HERE (The SePedi editing is currently incomplete)

The Ad Clerum Attachments are found here: (This ad clerum had no attachments)


For a Special Ad Clerum addressing the Lockdown, see HERE


Anglicans Ablaze 2020 -->Please note this conference has been rearranged to be presented digitally

Please see the ADVERTISING-POSTER for information pertaining to this year's conference.

Please see the PROGRAM here.

Please go to the Anglicans Ablaze Website for photographs and plenty of other information. 

 Diocesan Diary for 2020

The Diocesan Diary for 2020 is available.

Please click on Diocesan Diary 2020 to get more information.


The Diocese is organised into 5 departments, and the Parishes are grouped into 7 Archdeaconries

The Parishes tab at the top of this page will lead you to the Archdeaconries and the parishes that make up each Archdeaconry. Most of our parishes are made up of many chapelries and congregations, each of which has the same "status" - we do not have "mother churches" or "outstations".


The Departments are:

1) The Bishop's Ministry

2) Governance

3) Growing the Church

4) Development

5) Organisations


The Parishes are organised into 7 Archdeaconries:

1) Kopanong

2) Lepelle

3) Mopani

4) Vhembe

5) Waterberg

6) West

7) South West

Click on the tabs and the top of the page to learn more


Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist
(Anglican Church of Southern Africa)

Street address:
29 Devenish Street
Limpopo Province
Republic of South Africa

Postal address:
P.O Box 643

Telephone: +27 15 297 3297
Fax: +27 15 297 0408
Email: reception@stmark.org.za

Our Vision

To make disciples in vibrant, self-sufficient congregations established and linked to each other by sharing in:
   * Resources
   * Ministry and service
   * Outreach and evangelism

Our Goals

Every parish aims to have:
  1. A stipendiary rector to give leadership
  2. A team of self-supporting (“community”) clergy
  3. Many lay leaders – licensed, elected and appointed
  4. A church supported youth pastor
  5. All members discovering their gifts and using them in ministry & mission
  6. Community development and work-creating projects wherever we have property.

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