Bishop Martin Breytenbach

Stompie travels around the Diocese with †Martin, sharing his preaching and teaching ministry.

The Diocesan Office at 29 Devenish Street

The Diocesan Centre at 29 Devenish Street, Polokwane

Anglicans Ablaze Sets the Church on Fire!

Please see this report from the Anglican Church News Service to read of the amazing Anglicans Ablaze Conference from 3rd tp 6th October 2018.

And click on Listening Group Report to read what God was saying to us during the conference.

Please go to the Anglicans Ablaze Website for photographs and plenty of other information. 

 Diocesan Diary for 2019

The final Diocesan Diary for 2019 has been published. It is different from most years because of †Martin's retirement at the end of February and the election of a new Diocesan Bishop later in the year (scheduled for 9th-11th July).

Please click on Diocesan Diary 2019 to get more information - including access to the Diocesan Google Calendar and pdf versions of the Diary and Diary Notes.

Please continue to pray for the process of †Martin's retirement and the election, consecration and installation of the new Bishop!


Diocesan Synod 2018

the 12th Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist took place from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th August 2018 at Christ Church, Polokwane. To find out more, and access documents (including the Acts and Resolutions), reports and many photographs, please click on "Diocesan Synod 2018".

Season of Creation 2018

Please read this information from the Green Anglicans.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

We would like to invite you to celebrate the Season of Creation (1st of Sep to 4th of October)
The new Season of Creation 6 materials are available and you can download it

There are also materials available in various languages on

Do please visit for more ideas and to register any events. These events will be then advertised ecumenically.

We would also like to encourage you to take part in the Global Coastal and River Clean up on the  15th of Sep

 Bishop Martin's Ad Clerum (Easter 2018)

The Ad Clerum for Easter has been published. In it he writes about praying and planning for two imortant events that are coming up in the life of the Diocese:

  1. Diocesan Synod: 16th to 19th August this year
  2. The election of a new Diocesan Bishop after he retires as the end of February 2019.

This Ad Clerum is closely related to his report to Diocesan Stnding Committee (see below).

Please click on Ad Clerum 2018 and go to the Easter section for the Ad Clerum, Notices, and information about Advert for Rector (CEO) of St Mark's College; "What's Your Story?" Training for Church and Youth Leaders; COTT Leavers' Dinner and Clergy School; Archbishop's Statement on Sexual Abuse; Earth Day Liturgy; Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative; Growing the Church Newsletter (including information about Anglicans Ablaze 2018)...

Bishop's Report to Diocesan Standing Committee

(April 2018)

"Praying and Planning"

Bishop Martin's report to Diocesan Standing Committee in April 2018 has been published. In the report he focuses on planning and praying for Synod 2018 and the election of a new Diocesan Bishop in 2019. Click on Bishop's Report April 2018 to see it.



The Diocese is organised into 5 departments, and the Parishes are grouped into 7 Archdeaconries

The Parishes tab at the top of this page will lead you to the Archdeaconries and the parishes that make up each Archdeaconry. Most of our parishes are made up of many chapelries and congregations, each of which has the same "status" - we do not have "mother churches" or "outstations".


The Departments are:

1) The Bishop's Ministry

2) Governance

3) Growing the Church

4) Development

5) Organisations


The Parishes are organised into 7 Archdeaconries:

1) Kopanong

2) Lepelle

3) Mopani

4) Vhembe

5) Waterberg

6) West

7) South West

Click on the tabs and the top of the page to learn more


Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist
(Anglican Church of Southern Africa)

Street address:
29 Devenish Street
Limpopo Province
Republic of South Africa

Postal address:
P.O Box 643

Telephone: +27 15 297 3297
Fax: +27 15 297 0408

Our Vision

To make disciples in vibrant, self-sufficient congregations established and linked to each other by sharing in:
   * Resources
   * Ministry and service
   * Outreach and evangelism

Our Goals

Every parish aims to have:
  1. A stipendiary rector to give leadership
  2. A team of self-supporting (“community”) clergy
  3. Many lay leaders – licensed, elected and appointed
  4. A church supported youth pastor
  5. All members discovering their gifts and using them in ministry & mission
  6. Community development and work-creating projects wherever we have property.

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