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This forum consists of the archdeacon's of the Diocese of St. Mark the Evangelist, who meet quarterly to pray and share together on issues arising out of the work they perform in their respective archdeaconries.

A significant part of the forum is to offer support and advice to one another, as well as to envision the work and ministry that could take place within each archdeaconry and the diocese.

The meetings are chaired by the Dean of the Cathedral and are run in a relaxed and informal manner. The archdeacons are a team of competent and trained senior clergy whose opinion and ideas are valuable and sought.

Ideas and vision generated is acted upon, and shared with the Bishop. There is an annual day set aside to meet with the Bishop in order to address particular issues identified by either the forum or the Bishop.

Dates of Forum Meetings for 2013

-27 February

-23 May

-21 June (Archdeacon's Lekgotla with Bishop at St. Peter's, Tzaneen)

-22 August

-31 October