Special Chapter Workshop

If you want to know more about this, have a look at the July 2013 Ad Clerum (Winter).

Wednesday 26th June 2013

On Wednesday 26th †Martin hosted a special workshop with members of Diocesan Chapter and Self-Supporting clergy who have been identified as potential Stipendiary clergy. This is part of the process of finding and training future Rectors for the Diocese as we continue with the process of multiplying parishes:

 In 2000 we had 12 parishes with about 170 congregations

  • We now have 24 parishes with about 190 congregations
  • We aim to have about 35 parishes by 2017.

Each parish comprises a number of chapelries and mission chapelries.

We are working on:

  1. Expectations - what can the church expect from Rectors, and what can they expect from the church?
  2. Training - what training can they expect, and what are the best ways to give them this training?
  3. Implementation - what are the next steps to take as we help those whom God is calling to make this challenging transition?