Inception: DFB Lekgotla 2012. First meeting was September 2012

 Members; Luke Pretorius, Jacky Machaba, Shearsby Mupfudzapake, Robbie Novella, Solomon Makosholo & Frauke Ackermann

 Mandate: - Envision, evaluate and recommend a dynamic and effective communication strategy for use by the Diocese in communicating essential information to all our geographically and technologically diverse churches.

Forms of Communication

  • Telephone – Landline & Cellular & Fax
  • SMS
  • Email – (read receipts; request reply; encourage parishes to obtain addresses)
  • Website & Data Base – Under Construction (encourage parishes to get their own / use a page of Diocesan site)(upload info frequently)
  • Blogs – (+M is the only blogger)
  • Social Media – (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flikr; YouTube)
  • Hard Copies – Post; Hand Delivery; Collection from Diocese
  • Church Notice Boards – Diocese to provide extra copies of material
  • Courier – urgent items only (under negotiation)
  • Diocesan Leadership Directory – published annually – requires effective data base
  • Bishop’s Diary – Google access, copies available
  • ICT – supply laptops, software & training to all clergy & parishes (under discussion)
  • Training – computers, time management, administration, etc.
  • Networking – of computers for effective sharing of files
  • Cell Phone App – This now developed!  Now also available on Google Play and Blackberry World. Apple iStore due soon. Search for 'ACSA'.

Your suggestions?!