Proposed Diocesan Budget 2014

To download the presentation of the proposed budget as a pdf, please click: Budget 2014 Presentation

Budget with Faith and Vision ...In Difficult Times

Diocesan Standing Committee (DSC) met on Saturday 31st August to receive the presentation of the proposed Diocesan Budget for 2014. 

2 Corinthians 8, in which Paul teaches about giving, can help leaders to understand their role in the chapelry, parish and diocesan budget process.

Clergy and other leaders workshopped this chapter with †Martin, while Treasurers and Churchwardens looked at the budget details with Diocesan Administrator Freda Chigumadzi.

They asked the question: From this text, what can we do to lead the budget process in our parishes and organisations?

They came up with 21 things that leaders can do...

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All You Need To Know

You can download the Budget 2014 Summary, Summary of Proposed 2014 Pledges and Budget 2014 Detailed Income, Espenses and Proposed Pledges in pdf form.

In the presentation he highlighted:

  • The vision of ACSA and of the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist
  • The implications for each parish
  • The 5 priorities identified by the Diocesan Finance Board (DFB) Lekgotla
  • The principles used in preparing the budget

From there he went on to present the summary of income, expenses and proposed parish pledges

  • Expenses have been reorganised according to the Diocesan Departments - this will make them much easier to understand.
  • Most of our income comes from parish pledges, which have been rearranged according to 7 archdeaconries (After the presentation a number of people spoke to †Martin about problems with the proposed delimitation of Archdeaconries, and he undertook to revise them before they come into effect next year).

Finally, he explained the timetable and deadlines for responses to the budget:

  1. During September & October chapelry and parish councils will work on their budgets for 2014. This includes negotiating and determining exactly how much each chapelry should contribute to the parish budget. Archdeaconry councils and the Diocesan Leadership Team are there to help.
  2. Before 15th November, Budget Vestry Meetings must be held, to approve the chapelry and parish budgets and confirm the parish pledge to the Diocese.
  3. By 15th November the Parish Response Form must be signed and returned to the Diocesan Office. Archdeacons should be informed about any proposed changes from the amounts requested.
  4. On 23rd November DFB will finalise Budget 2014, including any changes that are required.
  5. On Saturday 30th November DSC will approve the final Budget 2014, including the pledges which parishes have committed to give.

Please cover this process in prayer, so that we can go where we believe God is calling us as a Diocese.

After the overview presentation, Diocesan Administrator Freda Chigumadzi worked on the details of the budget with Treasurers and Churchwardens, while †Martin worked with some of the clergy and other leaders on how to lead the budget process.