About Diocesan Synod

Synod is the highest decision making body in the Diocese, and meets for three to four days every three years or so. Several important things happen at Synods:

  1. The Bishop delivers his "Charge" - a report on the life of the church in this Diocese, and sharing his vision for the way forward.
  2. Changes are made to the Rules of the Diocese - to deal with new understandings or changes in the church and the world. The rules are there to help us govern ourselves effectively.
  3. Motions are debated and become resolutions if they are approved. They can address anything in the life of the church, its ministry and mission - and can speak into things that are taking place in our nation and communities.
  4. Reports are received and debated, and decisions are made as a result of them - as such Synod provides a good picture of where the church is at that moment.
  5. The Draft Diocesan Budget for the next year is presented and debated - the budget helps us to make plans and do what we believe God is calling us to do.
  6. Elections take place - for people who will represent the Diocese at Provincial Synod and Provincial Standing Committee, and those who will serve on various Diocesan boards and committees.

All the licensed clergy of the Diocese are summoned to Synod, together with representatives from all the parishes and diocesan organisations.

Synod 2021 took place virtually from Thursday evening 19th to Sunday lunch time 22nd August.