Bishop's Youth Day: 16th June 2016

Bishop's Youth Day

Bishop's Youth Day

See †Martin's presentation to the youth leaders (click below):

Young Disciples for South Africa and the Kingdom of God

About 120 youth Leaders from all around the Diocese met with †Martin on Thursday 16th June 2016. The Theme, "Young Disciples for South Africa and the Kingdom of God" was addressed by four speakers, and the young people also worked on plans of action for their parishes.

  • †Martin introduced the theme using the presentation above
  • Rev Steve Smith from the Episcopal Church and Rector of the Anglican Church in Munich, Germany continued the theme
  • Robbie Stuart-Thompson, our Environmental Intern spoke about young Disciples and the Environment
  • Michael Kunz introduced the youth to MyAnglican.
Bishop's Youth Day Bishop's Youth Day


Diocesan Youth Synod met at Christ Church Cathedral in Polokwane on 27th June 2015

About 150 young people were present to represent their parishes and listen to God and one another. The day started with a celebration of the Eucharist, during which Bishop Martin delivered his Charge to the youth of the Diocese: Bishop's Charge to Youth Synod.

DYC Prepares for Registration The Peace at Diocesan Youth Synod  Tea time at Diocesan Youth Synod
Tea time at Diocesan Youth Synod Diocesan Youth Synod workshop on using church land and buildings to serve the community Diocesan Youth Synod workshop on the Church: Multiplication with transformation
Diocesan Youth Synod workshop on how to live as young disciples of Jesus Diocesan Youth Synod: working on a report or motion Diocesan Youth Synod - the kitchen staff preparing lunch

Three workshops took place, focusing on the three areas identified by the Diocesan Lekgotla as priorities for the Diocese:

  1. At a personal level: how to live as young disciples of Jesus. The workshop aimed to hear about the issues where young people feel they need teaching, help and guidance.
  2. At a church level: multiplication with transformation. The workshop looked at ways to start new churches of congregations that are relevant to young people - not just "more of the same".
  3. At a community level: using church land to serve the community. The workshop looked at how we can use our resources to help develop and reach out to our local communities.

In all of these areas, the participants were challenged to answer the question:

  • Not, "What must the church to for us?"
  • Rather, "What is God calling us to do as young people of the church?"
Diocesan Youth Synod chatting over lunch Diocesan Youth Synod drums during worship Diocesan Youth Synod reporting back

Here are three motions arising from Youth Synod that will go to Diocesan Synod in August:

1      Youth Volunteers

The following motion arises from Diocesan Youth Synod held on 27th June 2015

This Synod notes that:

The youth of the Diocese at the Youth Synod held on 27th June 2015 recognise that the role of the church includes reaching out to the needy (spiritually, materially, emotionally, socially and educationally) in the surrounding communities. Church buildings and land can be used for vegetable gardening, child care, homework clubs, support groups, drop-in centres and many other community and family support activities.

In the light of this and especially in the light of the teaching of Jesus, the Youth Synod calls on Diocesan Synod to adopt the motion below:


This Synod respectfully requests the Bishop to set up a formal programme for young interns and volunteers. This should involve training and opportunities to help churches to serve their local communities, for the purposes set out above.

2      Age Requirements For Church Council Members

The following motion arises from Diocesan Youth Synod held on 27th June 2015

This Synod, noting that it is necessary to clarify for congregations the qualities sought after in prospective chapelry and parish councillors, and the criteria that prospective councillors must meet for them to be nominated and elected as councillors;

Respectfully requests the Diocesan Office to ensure that all nomination forms include the relevant wording from the Diocesan Rules (28.1 and 28.1.2 on chapelry councillors and 29.3 and 29.3.2 on parish councillors), and in so doing, draw particular attention to the absence of any specified age restriction.

3      Requirement For Lay Ministers

The following motion arises from Diocesan Youth Synod held on 27th June 2015

This Synod notes that the word “mature” in the Diocesan Rule 19.3 could give the impression that Licensed Lay Ministers should be “mature in years”. This is potentially misleading as it is not the intention of the paragraph to suggest that young age is a barring factor in the Bishop’s licensing of Lay Ministers.

Synod therefore requests the Diocesan legal team to prepare a rule change to correct this at the next Synod of the Diocese. It is suggested that the word “mature” be deleted from Diocesan Rule 19.3, and replaced with the word “God-fearing”.


Bishop Martin had invited each parish to send up to 5 representatives to a Diocesan Youth Synod on Saturday 27th June, at Christ Church Cathedral Polokwane, from 09:00 to 15:00.

 About 150 young people met for the day. 


Bishop Hosts Youth Leaders' Lekgotla

†Martin led youth leaders from around the Diocese in a Legotla for youth leaders on Saturday 18th January 2014.

Nearly 40 leaders from many parishes took part. Two consultants, Veronika Gloeck and Katy Breytenbach (†Martin's daughter) helped facilitate the day by sharing their experience of making young disciples. Veronika is currently a leader at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Mombasa, Kenya where she oversees 6 month Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), which include a major component of mission and community service. Katy has done the DTS and went on mission to Southeast Asia.

Veronika helped the youth leaders to reflect on the process of growing as disciples of Jesus - particularly how Jesus used "teachable moments" during everyday life to teach his disciples. We don't have to wait for formal teaching programmes if we can identify the "teachable moments" in our lives and ministries.

During the Lekgotla, Diocesan youth leaders committed themselves to:

  • Making young disciples
  • Forming Diocesan Youth Mission Teams to take the gospel throughout the Diocese.

 Discussion at Youth Lokgotla

Katy & Veronkia


Youth Discipleship Programme

Bishop Martin Writes...

On Saturday 19th October 2013, †Martin, Rev Frauke Ackermann and Rev Shearsby Mupfudzapake spent some time with about 14 youth leaders from around the Diocese. We are planning to start our new Youth Discipleship Programme with a Diocesan Youth Camp in December, then a "Lekgotla" in January 2014 and a SOMA Youth Mission in July after the Anglicans Ablaze 2014 Conference.

It found it really exciting and encouraging to meet with these passionate, committed, articulate young people! They give me hope for the church of today and tomorrow.

Group Discussion at 2012 Youth Camp Group Discussion at 2012 Youth Camp


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