The work of the Diocesan Leadership Team was started by Rev Alfred Malete, and continued by Mr Solomon Makololo until the end of 2015. At this stage the task of training leaders at Parish level was handed over to the Archdeacons and Archdeaconries.

Guidelines for Leaders

Over the years, the Diocese has been developing "Guidelines for Leaders". These user-friendly guidelines are designed to help leaders with some of the important things they have to do. They can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

ACSA Stewardship Programme

Growing the Church is developing a series of Stewardship Programmes for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. Each year a new resource, prepared by a different Diocese, will be added. Please click on the links below:

  1. 2015: Stewardship - a Way of Life (Prepared by the Stewardship Team of the Diocese of Cape Town)
  2. 2016: Stewardship - Empowered by Grace (Prepared by the Stewardship Team of the Diocese of False Bay)
  3. 2016: Stewardship for Children - Empowered by Grace Sunday School Lectionary (Prepared by False Bay)

Contact Details

The Archdeacons are responsible for leadership training in their Archdeaconries. The Diocese is constantly producing resources to help with this.