†Martin visited the parish of Mashashane (at St Andrew's) on Sunday 24th August 2014.


He confirmed 10 candidates, including 3 adults, two of whom have recently been baptised - part of a growing number of people who are joining this parish.


Madubanya Disaster Relief Fund


†Martin also visited the home of Mr and Mrs Madubanya, which was destroyed by fire a few weeks ago. Mr Madubanya is a long-serving Lay Minister at St Andrew's. 


Mr & Mrs Madubanya at their burnt down house Mr & Mrs Madubanya at their burnt down house 


The house will have to be demolished and a new one built. They escaped the fire with their lives and nothing else. The asronist, a family member, woke them up in the early hours of the morning saying,  "Get out of the house! I'm going to burn it down!" He has since been taken into custody.


The parish of Mashashane has established a fund to help them. If you would like to make a donation, here are the account details - please give your name, or the name of your church, as reference:


  • Madubanya Disaster Relief Fund
  • Nedbank (Cheque Account)
  • Account No: 1079483128
  • Branch: Polokwane Main (Branch Code 141148)


Thank you!



Blessing the Mashashane Bell Tower

On Sunday 25th August 2013, †Martin blessed the new bell tower at St Andrew's Church, Mashashane. Building the bell tower to hold the 500kg bell has proved a major engineering challenge for the parish, so there was great rejoicing as the sound of the bell rang out.

Priest in Charge and Archdeacon, Dr Shashi Ledwaba, has presided over several building projects in recent years, always done according to the highest building standards:

  • Church hall, kitchen and office
  • Borehole
  • Toilet block
  • New church building, and
  • Bell tower.

The people have begun to discover the joy of giving, as they see God at work in their community. A number of them also meet early every morning for prayer and worship.

In his sermon, †Martin challenged the congregation to remember that these buildings are only there to serve the mission and ministry of the church. The sound of the bell calls out "Come!" to the people of Mashashane. Come and hear the good news of Jesus; receive forgiveness and healing; experience what it means to belong to a vibrant community of faith; encounter the living God in worship, word and sacrament.

But as its sound goes out, the bell also says to the people of the church, "Go!". Go and take God's love to the community, especially those in need; go and make disciples; go and demonstrate the Kingdom of God by your quality of life.

The buildings and the bell are there to encourage us to remember the two great commendments:

  1. Love God with everything you are and everything you have
  2. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Contact details

Priest in charge:

Ven Dr. Shashi Ledwaba

Phone: 015 2243738

Community clergy:

Rev David Maubane

Rev Lilly Ledwaba

Postal address:

P.O. Box 1

Mashashane 0743

The Bell Tower at St Andrew's Mashashane