Training Preachers with Langham Preaching

Is what you hear from the pulpit from Scripture or is it a cleverly thought out talk about current affairs? Sometimes preachers are tempted to use the pulpit to present their ideas about a particular issue and there is a danger that the content of their 'sermon' could be unscriptural or even worse, doctrinaly unsound.  Some sermons can be very clever, but bear little reflection on our belief in the saving work of Jesus.

British theologian and the author of many Christian books, Rev John Stott, saw the danger in just this and was instrumental in starting the Langham preaching course to encourage clergy and lay preachers to preach expository and biblically based sermons. We have continued our partnership with Langham  as training took place at all three levels, at Mater Dei between Mokopane and Mookgopong from 23rd to 26th May 2016:

  1. Introduction to Preaching
  2. Preaching from the Old Testament
  3. Preaching from the New Testament

The training team comprised people from the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist and Johannesburg, under the leadership of Dr Frank Shayi, the South African Coordinator of Langham Preaching. We welcomed Rev Emeka Egbo (pronounced Ebo) who is the all Africa coordinator of Langham Preaching, from Jos in Nigeria.  This is the seventh year that the diocese of St Mark the Evangelist has hosted this training course. The final year students were commissioned by Rev Canon Shearsby Mupfudzapake, who challenged all the students to encourage more people to join the course next year.

 Langham 2017

2017 Langham Limpopo

2017 Langham Limpopo group

2017 Second Year Students

2017 Langham First Year Students

2017 Langham Second Year Students

2017 Langham Second Year Students

2017 Third Year Students

2017 Langham Third Year Students


The whole 2016 Langham Group 
1st Year Group of 2016
2nd Year Group of 2016
Third year class of 2016
Emeka Egbo Shearsby Commissioning 1 Commissioning 2
Thabo and co Student 1 Student 2 Student 3
Student 4 Student 5
Student 6 Worship 1 Worship 2 Worship 3
Student 7 Student 8 Commissioning 3


Diocesan Team

Rev Canon Shearsby Mupfudzapake: 

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