Synod met at Christ Church Cathedral, Polokwane from Thursday 20th August 2015 at 18:00 to Sunday 23rd August at about 13:00.

Synod Sunday Eucharist

Synod Report

Give thanks to God for the 11th Diocesan Synod, which met at Christ Church Cathedral in Polokwane from 20th to 23rd August 2015

Documents related to Diocesan Synod (20th-23rd August) are available below.

Synod opened with a celebration of the Eucharist at Christ Church Cathedral in Polokwane on Thursday 20th August at 18:00. Clergy and Synod Representatives were joined by civic leaders as well as leaders of other churches with whom the Diocese is working - in particular the Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church and Dutch Reformed Church. Over the ensuing days a number of rule changes and motions were passed, related to the life, ministry and mission of the Diocese. There was a strong focus on the three priorities that were identified earlier in the year at the Diocesan Finance Board Lekgotla:

  1. Practical Discipleship - what does it mean to follow Jesus in everyday life?
  2. Multiplication with Transformation - how can we start new churches and congregations that are not just "more of the same" but reach out to those who are not in church?
  3. Community Development using Church Resources - how can we use our land and church buildings to serve our communities?

In all three of these areas, special attention was given to how we can include young people intentionally in everything we do, and the development of leaders, especially future clergy who can lead parishes as rectors.

Synod 2015 proved to be an amazing time of fellowship, worship, strategic planning and revival - people commented on how God's presence was tangible. May went home renewed and inspired to serve God.

Another feature of Synod was the participation of the newly formed Diocesan Legal Team, under the leadership of Diocesan Chancellor, Matsaro Semenya. The team comprises a Judge, Magistrates, Attorneys and various other legal professionals.

Clergy prepare for procession  Church and Civic Leaders with Lawyers  Youth leader addresses Synod 
Bernard Mizeki Guild Leads Prayers Group work at Synod Group work at Synod
Worship group on Sunday Sunday worship at Synod Worship group at Synod on Sunday

Synod Documents

Please click on the relevant document to get it in pdf format (we will soon add the Acts & Resolutions):

  1. First Agenda Book
  2. Letter about Reports to Synod
  3. Second Agenda Book
  4. The Synod Order Paper gives the planned outline for Synod
  5. The Bishop's Charge and PowerPoint Presentation
  6. Here is the PowerPoint Presentation that Pat Lennox did on the proposed Volunteers and Interns Programme
  7. Synod Election Results
  8. You can download and listen to Shearsby's Sunday Sermon
  9. Here are the Minutes of Synod: Session 1, Sessions 2 & 3, Sessions 4 & 5Session 6
  10. Here are the Acts and Resolutions of Synod 2015

Deadlines for Synod

1) Issuing of Summonses to Synod 20th April
2) Submission of proposed Rule Changes 18th May
3) Synod Agenda Committee meeting 29th May
4) Publication of First Agenda Book 1st June
5) Amendments to Rule Changes 9th July
6) Submission of Motions 20th July
7) Submission of Reports 20th July
8) Synod Agenda Committee meeting 24th July
9) Publication of Second Agenda Book 30th July


Pray for Synod

One of the highlights of Diocesan life in 2015 was our 11th Synod from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd August.

Beforehand we asked you, "Please pray that God will be present"

Well, God answered your prayer, and was tangibly, powerfully present throughout. It was a remarkable time of fellowship with God and one another.

  • In all our planning
  • In the submission of proposals for Rule Changes and the decisions we make about them
  • In the submission of motions, the debates and decisions that result, and their implementation
  • In the election of people to serve the church in various ways over the next three years
  • To guide Bishop Martin as he prepares his Charge
  • In the worship and times of fellowship at Synod