This archdeaconry was formerly called the Archdeaconry of the Centre. This name change came into effect on the 08th June 2013.

Geographically the Kopanong Archdeaconry is situated within three important natural landmarks; the Molautsi River (now known as Blood River) in the west, the Mohlakaneng (small reeds) River which seperates Polokwane and Seshego and Moeketsi River (now known as Sand River) in the east. Molautsi and Moeketsi are LuVenda surnames which inform us that Venda people inhabited this part of the land before the present day Pedi speaking people occupied it.

The Mohlakaneng River has an important history. It is a small river compared to the other two, and mohlaka is the word for reeds and the adding of the word 'neng' implies the diminutive; so signifiying a place of small reeds.

The Mohlakaneng River was chosen by young black men as their meeting place on Sundays for 'traditional boxing'. This was a form of bare-handed fighting. They would group themselves into clubs and were known as 'Malaita'. The competitions would eventually see a champion arise who would then represent this area in a national competition usually held in Pretoria or Johannesburg.

The Mohlakaneng River was therefore recognised as a meeting place for the malaita and in SePedi became known as Tlhakanong, or more commonly through the SiTswana influence as Kopanong.

The tradition of meeting at the Mohlakaneng/Kopanong provides an apt description of the parishes that fall into this area and who meet regularly to share the Gospel as well as signifying our Christian duty to stand strong and fight for the Kingdom of God.

Contact Details

Archdeacon: Very Revd Luke Pretorius, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Polokwane

Cell: 082 8745 207

Office: 015 297 1967


Post: P.O. Box 343, Polokwane, 0700

Dates of Meetings