This archdeaconry was formerly called the Archdeaconry of the North. This name change came into effect on the 01st June 2013.

This new name more accuratley reflects the LuVenda name for the Limpopo River which is the dominant feature of the area and which forms the northern boundary of this archdeaconry, as well as the northern border of South Africa.

The word Limpopo is derived from the SiTswana and SePedi name for this river - with some mispelling by the European Colonialists - and has become the de facto name and spelling for this river made famous by Rudyard Kipling with his description; '...and said to all his dear families, 'Goodbye. I am going to the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, to find out what the Crocodile has for dinner.'  The Elephant's Child - Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling ( See also (

Contact Details

Archdeacon: Ven Robbie Novella

Cell: 083 400 6152

Office: 015 516 5165



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