Training of Clergy


In mid February of this year (2018) clergy and lay leaders met at Matyr Dei Centre, south of Mokopane, for a three day clergy school. The theme of this course was Leadership in Evangelism and Discipleship (LEAD) and was lead by Johann and Louise van der Byl of SAMS Missionaries to Southern Africa, on behalf of Growing the Church. The course was based on the 4 Chair Discipling approach to evangelism and discipling strategy which was formulated by Dann Spader, president of Global Youth Initiative and founder of Sonlife Ministries. Johann and Louise have had considerable experience in missionary work in Namibia, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

The course looked at the development of Christians from the point of coming to belief through following Jesus, becoming a fisher of people and to being sent to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. 

Below are a few pictures of the group that attended this course.

LEAD1The Chefslead2LeadLead3Lead4Lead 5Lead 6Lead7Lead8Lead9Lead 10Lead11Lead 12Lead 14

To learn about the training of new clergy, please go to:
Bishop's Office / Guild of St Mark.

Training of Lay Ministers

To learn more about our overall understanding of lay ministers, please click Licensed Lay Ministers to see †Martin's Presentation to Diocesan Standing Committee in April 2015, where he explained how the Diocese understands them, how they are trained, and the five-yearly process of renewal.

Training for Ministries in the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist covers the training of Licensed Lay Ministers in 5 categories:

  1. Worship Leaders
  2. Preachers (Coordinator: Shearsby Mupfudzapake -
  3. Pastoral Carers
  4. Youth Pastors (Coordinator: Nosipho Nzama -
  5. Evangelists (still being developed)

The Coordinator is Walter Setshedi (; Telephone 015 297 3297)

 Lay Minister Training takes place in two stages:

  1. Foundations - comprising Books 1 & 2 of Rooted in Jesus
  2. Specialised Training for the particular caategory

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Lay Minister you can download a leaflet with general information here.

For special information on how to become a Worship Leader please click here.

For special information on how to become a Lay Preacher please click here.

For special information on how to become a Pastoral Carer please click here.


Renewal of Lay Ministers' Licences

Every five years all Lay Ministers' licences lapse and have to be renewed. 2015 was such a year - so all the Licensed Lay Ministers gathered at Christ Church Cathedral on 18th April to renew their licences. This took the form of a special Diocesan Standing Committee (DSC) Meeting, where:

  • †Martin shared the vision of Lay Ministers in the Diocese
  • Refresher training took place according to the three categories - with members of DSC joining in
  • Lay Ministers recommitted themselves to exercise their ministries in accordance with the Pastoral Standards of ACSA
  • New Licences, valid until 2020, were issued.
Lay Ministers and DSC Members Worship Leaders Preachers' Training
Pastoral Carers' Training Preachers' Training PowerPoint Slide


Contact Details

TMF Coordinator

Walter Setshedi

Tel 015 297 3297